Welcome to the NCJT! We have been running quality junior golf tournaments for 23 years!  Our tournaments are open to Members and Non-Members.  Events are open to male and female junior golfers 19 and under, who meet our playing standards and agree to adhere to tour policies.  The tour season starts in May and ends in early August.  Membership has its benefits (see more HERE). Championships, the Joe Haase Cup Team and Special awards are for Members only. 

To get more information about the 2015 Season, we suggest adding yourself to our mailing list.  The 2015 tour membership will open on February 6th.

There are three ways to get on the list:

  1. Go HERE and add your name and email to the list.
  2. Go to NCJT and setup accounts.  There is no charge to setup accounts.  This method is the first step toward joining the membership and playing in tournaments.  It's a one-time process and it gets you ahead of the game for next year.
  3. Or you can send us a personal email with your contact info to info@ncjt.org.  Include Name, emails, mailing address and phone number.

The ultimate connection to all our player stories, hall of fame and tour happenings is through our Tour News feed!  Click the Follow button below on the black bar, add your email and all the Tour News will be emailed to you instantly when it is posted.  It's a great feature that you will enjoy!

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