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Here are some key things to know about NCJT:

2022 will be our 31st junior tour season

Our 2022 Schedule will look similar to the poster on the Schedule page

The Tour Manual covers all tour policies and procedures

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2021 was our 30th anniversary of providing high caliber junior golf competition.  Our tour has produced PGA Tour players like Jason Dufner and Jason Kokrak, as well as 100's of college players over the years.  Our top-notch schedule and special member services set us apart in the world of junior golf.  Our live hole-by-hole scoring and 4 hour rounds are two of the great features our players and parents love.  There are golfers and then there are tournament players, on NCJT will pride ourselves on creating tournament players out of regular golfers.  We hope you will join us on tour in 2021, where you will gain some great tournament experience.

NCJT tournaments are open to Members and Non-Members (with a $25 Non-Member Fee per event).  Events are open to male and female junior golfers 19 and under, who meet our playing standards and agree to adhere to tour policies.  The tour season starts in May and ends in late July.  Membership has its benefits (see more HERE).  Championships, the Joe Haase Cup Team and Special awards are for Members only. 

To get started click on Membership/Registration and also check out the Tour News feed below for any discounts and promotions that may be underway.  Details about membership and everything tour related can be found in our Tour Manual.  The ultimate connection to all our player stories, hall of fame and tour happenings is through our Tour News feed!  Click the Follow button below in the right column, add your email and all the Tour News will be emailed to you instantly when it is posted.  It's a great feature that you will really enjoy.  Best of luck on the upcoming season and we look forward to seeing you on tour!

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Upcoming Events
Joe Haase Cup
April 30
Firestone Country Club - North
Akron, OH
This is an Invitation Only event. Invitations for the NCJT team are emailed in mid-January. The deadline to register is January 28.
Latest Results
Tour Championship
July 29-30
Boys 16-19
O'Neill. J (+12)
Morris. A (+12)
Mylen. G (+14)
Boys 15&U
Miller. A (+21)
Tzefronis. C (+24)
McKito. A (+29)
Girls 19&U
Morris. A (+3)
Wong. E (+6)
Vidovic. G (+39)
Madison + Mini
July 22
Boys 16-19
Richmond. A (+3)
Bean. B (+6)
Chipps. R (+6)
Boys 15&U
Torzok. D (+8)
Caldwell. B (+10)
McKito. A (+11)
Girls 19&U
Kellon. K (+6)
Wong. E (+7)
Vidovic. G (+8)
Mini Tour 12&U
Miller. L (+4)
Purdef. C (+11)
Trebets. J (+12)
Chardon Lakes + Mini
July 21
Boys 16-19
O'Neill. J (+4)
Bryan. C (+8)
Lewis. E (+8)
Boys 15&U
McKito. A (+7)
Torzok. D (+9)
Grim. C (+16)
Girls 19&U
Wong. E (+4)
Vidovic. G (+19)
Kellon. K (+20)
Mini Tour 12&U
Miller. L (+5)
Miller. H (+10)
Purdef. B (+14)
Current Rankings
North Coast Junior Tour
2021 Season
As of 12/29/2021 11:21:06 AM
Boys 16-19
1 - Ashba. Z
2 - Bodziony. A
3 - Stover. J
4 - Ottaway. L
5 - O'Neill. J
Boys 15&U
1 - Torzok. D
2 - Miller. A
3 - Nielsen. S
4 - Thome. E
5 - Tzefronis. C
Girls 19&U
1 - Wong. E
2 - Vidovic. G
3 - McGreal. M
4 - Kellon. K
T5 - Morris. A
Mini Tour 12&U
1 - Miller. L
2 - Miller. H
3 - Curtis. A
4 - Purdef. C
5 - Trebets. J