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Dear NCJT Alumni,
WOW, It's really great to have you back with us!  We hope life has been going great.  It definitely should be, since you have been touched by the game of golf and all the great memories the game can bring.  Like playing on the North Coast Junior Tour, we hope that was a highlight of your younger days.
We are also glad you have decided to reacquainted with us, because we have some golf events that you will be interested in.  In 2018, we are starting an Annual Four-Ball Reunion event (May 27, 2018 at Quail Hollow).  The two-player team can be made up of any former NCJT player and anyone they wish. It's a scratch event so Pros and Amateurs are welcome to play.  We expect some pretty low scores with all the talent we have among our alumni and our current players.  Yes, current tour players will be in the competition as well.  But who will hoist the JB Four-Ball Classic trophy (young or old)?  If you still have game bring it, if you want to feel the spirit of the junior tour once again then you need to be here.  The JB Four-Ball Classic is the official event name, but it's designed to be a great REUNION event as well.  It's a limited field so call your partner and sign-up today.
Another Alumni eligible event is the Junior-4/Am Scholarship (July 30, 2018 at Sand Ridge).  At this grand event you bring a team of 4 amateur golfers and one of our current junior superstars will be assigned to your team.  This is one of the greatest days you will have all summer, please plan now to join the excitement.
For details on these two special events and much more, please visit
Wishing you Straight Drives and many One Putt greens,
Mr. Milam
Tour Director & PGA Professional