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The manual is design to provide detailed information on all aspects of the tour and its policies & procedures.


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NCJT tournaments are open to Members and Non-Members. Championships, Joe Haase Cup Team and Special awards are only for Members (see details under Membership). Events are open to male and female junior golfers 19 and under, who meet our playing standards and agree to adhere to tour policies. The tour season starts in May and ends in early August. Age division determination is based upon the member’s age as of May 1 of the season. Players will not change age division during the season. 

Event Types

Regular Seasons Events - Are all the single day events that are not listed as Invitations (Joe Haase Cup & Sand Ridge) or Championships (Tour Championship & Match Play Championship).

World Ranking Junior Series ("WRJS") - These events are 36-hole stroke play events that are posted to the Junior Golf Scoreboard ("JGS") and earn players ranking status in their junior world rankings. The JGS rankings are a valued source for college coaches looking to fill spots on collegiate golf teams.  An WRJS event is created by seaming the two weekly regular season events together and making it into a 36-hole competition. The Sand Ridge Junior Invitational and the Tour Championship are also WRJS events.     

Championship Events - The Tour Championship at Quail Hollow and the Jim Dawson Match Play Championship are championship events.  Caddies and spectators are welcome for all championships and invitationals. The details on qualifying are as follows:

Tour Championship - Event winners of regular season events (single day or OJS) or Sand Ridge automatic qualify for the Tour Championship.  The remainder of the field is determined by the Classic Cup points.  Caddies and spectators are welcome.

Tour Championship Field Make-Up  
 Division  Players
 Boys 16-19  24
 Boys 14-15   18 
 Boys 13 & Under   9
 Girls 16-19  12 
 Girls 12-15   9 

Jim Dawson Match Play Championship - To qualify, you must earn a spot in the qualifying event at Shaker Heights.  Tour Members must register to play at the Shaker Hts. event and the Jim Dawson Match Play Qualifier.  Both entries are required to earn a spot in the match play championship.  Qualifying scores will determine seeding in the bracket.  Caddies and spectators are welcome.

Match Play Field Make-Up  
 Division  Players
 Boys 16-19  16
 Boys 14-15   16
 Boys 13 & Under   8
 Girls 16-19   4 
 Girls 12-15   4 

Invitational Events - The Classic Cup points are used to determine eligibility for NCJT invitational events and in some cases winners/champions may also be used. Each event has its own criteria and here is the details of each.  Sand Ridge and the Joe Haase  Cup are Invitationals.  Qualifying detatils are as follows:

Sand Ridge Junior Invitational - NCJT Eligibility is based on the Classic Cup points from the prior year or thru last event in the first week of July of the current year.  If you meet the qualifying criteria for either year then you are qualified.  No official invite will be sent, just go ahead and register to play, and your entry will be accepted.  Caddies and spectators are welcome.  Qualifying criteria is below.

Boys 16-19:  Top 30

Boys 14-15:  Top 20

Boys 13&U:  Top 5

Girls 16-19:  Top 10

Girls 15&U:  Top 5

Joe Haase Cup - This annual event is hosted on Mother's Day at Firestone CC.  There are four junior tours that participate in this tour challenge competition.  Each tour is represented by a 24 member team.  The NCJT team is selected from the prior year's Classic Cup points using a weighted adjustment formula for those who move up in division.  Exemptions onto the team include Tour Champions, Match Play Champions and the Classic Cup Winners.  An official invite is sent to the qualifiers in January and acceptance is due in February.  Caddies and spectators are welcome.  One of the main features of the Joe Haase Cup is the Mother's Day Brunch hosted for players, caddies and their families.  Invites include the extra brunch ticket form and those tickets must be purchased in advance (a late April deadline will be listed on the form).  The team make-up is below.

Boys 16-19:  8 spots

Boys 14-15:  8 spots

Boys 13&U:   2 spots

Girls 16-19:  4 spots

Girls 15&U:   2 spots